Free tips on acquiring highest Manual Likes

Wondering that your pic didn’t get the expected amount of likes and comments, worrying about what to do? There are so many ways to get likes and comments, in a world that is obsessed with social media.

The number of followers per day on Instagram has been increasing each day! So, the chances of getting your business grow using the social media are high. Social media has been seen to influence purchase decisions of customers, based on brands and people look up for brands on Instagram.

To see your business grow via social media, then you must follow these elements.
Have a clear vision and strategy
Maintain a consistent frequency
Keep the familiarity with the audiences
Have clear visual styles

To increase your chances of getting more likes, you may inculcate these onto your page:

Increase the awareness of your brand and product, by either creating different images or offering great services in exchange.
Company culture and values should be put forth on your page.
Stay focused on potential customers, advertise to them more frequently. Find ways to do so
Build your community, those who share same interests.
Keep improving and working on creating Brand loyalty.
Keep your page up to date with any news and updates about companies or your brand.
Keep your bio or our profile crisp and short. Add slogans or titles for your page, business page or your personal brand.
Keep a profile picture that matches your work. Keep it simple yet powerful.
Content should be unique and to the point. No repeated stuff and mediocrity is encouraged here.

Writing contents for your page:

You may always take the help of professionals in this regard. Since it’s a matter of money, time, name and fame, it’s always good to be on the safer side. If you wish to do the job yourself, then you must know the exact requirements of audiences. You must be able to recognise the audience's likes and dislikes and create contents in this regard, with new topics being on for discussion.
Apart from content, there are few other elements which come in the way of creating a page that attracts more number of likes, manually.

Styling factor:

Quality content is really good to every page and brand. But, just having a good content, even excellent content on a basic simple page is not going to fetch you all that you expect out of it. For that, you must add styles to your page.

The style is a necessary piece of info that holds everything from the start till the end. Cascading style sheets, for example, embed the content along with the pages design and other factors.

Think about the Colours, Fonts, filters and captions, hashtags to add to the page.


Picking colours should be done very carefully. Maintain them consistent at all the levels and across all pages of your brand or business.

Fonts: keep your fonts same across the page. When you intend to do business and attract customers via same, you must maintain the consistency.


Creating unique hashtags or using the ones that have been popular among the audience will keep you stay on top. They are the important part of Instagram that enables followers to follow their particular brand or business or person.

After performing all these things on your page, you are still lagging to get the required recognition, don’t worry. There are companies that provide likes and comments, automatic and manual in bulk or individual sets. You may choose the frequency that you need.

Get on here and check the services they offer. This will be the best place to boost your business and get due to recognition to your business.

They are very professional in their way. The manual likes are given in terms of credits, you may utilise Social Media Tips for Debate and Arguments | Shape Magazine them as per your necessity, after the payment and given access to your account login. Manual likes are always best because they can be set to the frequency we need, and to the pictures that we love and think might get famous.

You can distribute the likes according to your necessities and ideas. You have full control on which image gets the highest number of likes and wins.